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Why Middle East VIP?

Middle East VIP, founded in 2007, is a Swiss company, registered by Swiss law, based in Geneva. Ever since the company established, it keeps on offering services in two main lines:


  1. Private Concierge Services.
  2. Corporate Business Links and Communities.


The company has always been growing on a constant level of percentage every year, and that is one of its successful key and being very interesting for our clients to work with.

Middle East VIP is a Swiss Company with a full understanding of Middle Eastearn culture and needs, that provides 24/7 luxury concierge services to its members such as:


  • Flat Rental.
  • Concierge management of your house in Europe (paying charges bills, refreshing the decoration…).
  • Finding suitable school for your children and following-up the subscription file, and setting up the arrival of your child in Europe for studies.
  • Investment follow-up.
  • Setting up your event (wedding, business meetings, private concert…).
  • Private Consultation.
  • Setting up your business or holiday trip from A to Z.
  • Unique experiences ( hotels, restaurants, events…).
  • Assistance for opening your business.
  • Priority access in Middle East VIP events.
  • Those services will never be away from understanding your unique culture and needs.


By offering a private membership subscription to our individual clients especially those who are from the Middle East, we are always able to provide our Middle East members a 24/7 luxury and concierge services,

Those services will never be away from understanding your unique culture and needs.


Middle East VIP
Our Goal, Plan and Strategy

The company's goal, plan and strategy are to establish successful business and personal links between Switzerland, Europe and the Middle East for both entrepreneurs and individuals.

That's why Middle East VIP is being known as one of the best business communities in Geneva.

Our Partners

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JAG Luxury
Christophe Claret
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alticap Transports
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Clinique de la Croix d'or

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Contact Us

Middle East VIP
14 rue du Mont-Blanc,
CP 1871, 1211 Geneve 1

Our Vision

Your Imagination Is Our Only Service Limitation
Our business links are the keys to your success. We have the right partners in the right places with full understanding of the Middle Eastern culture and needs.

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